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Unboxing Talkaphones NEW Biometric Screening Panel

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Huntley, IL.  – February 24th, 2021

As schools, businesses and government buildings implement reopening plans during the COVID-19 pandemic, non-contact temperature scanning and assessment devices are becoming an integral part of an initial check at entry points to identify and limit entry of people who may have elevated temperatures. The FDA and CDC have issued guidance indicating thermal imaging systems and non-contact infrared thermometers, which are non-contact temperature assessment devices, may be used to measure a person's temperature. An elevated temperature is one way to potentially identify a person who may have an infection or is presenting symptoms in an effort to reduce or prevent local transmission. 

Talkaphone's new Biometric Screening Panel facilitates an organization’s ingress procedures and check-in process with contactless temperature measurement via thermopile infrared sensor and includes local audible warnings when abnormal temperature is detected.

The AC-BP screening panel can integrate with access control systems through relay or Wiegand output and is designed to provide real-time data with face recognition with or without a mask and supports live camera view for two-way communication.

Today I unboxed my new demo unit of Talkaphone's Biometric Screening Panel which is an access control solution providing contactless temperature measurement, mask detection, and face recognition. Let’s check it out!

Talkaphone AC-BPKS

I choose to mount my AC-BP screening panel to the optional Kiosk Stand (AC-BPKS) which makes the unit an easy to deploy as a free-standing solution that can be placed at any building entrance and easily be moved if necessary. The Kiosk Stand comes as a five-piece easy to assemble mounting solution. The network and power cable are easily routed through the pedestal for clean cable management. It took me less than 5 minutes to assemble the kiosk and required no tools! 

Kiosk Assembled

 Simply attached the universal mounting plate which works with the Desk Mount (AC-BPDM), Turnstile Pole Mount (AC-BPTMP) and Kiosk Stand which I am using here.

Kiosk 2

The AC-BP Biometric Screening Panel requires very little setup or configuration. Once unpacked it is fully functional by simply applying power.


I have chosen to connect my unit to my network to access the configuration and make changes if necessary.

Once connections are completed, snap the AC-BP to the mounting plate and power up!

On initial presence of my face, I received an audible alert indicating my temperature was acceptable (97.9) however I was notified to put on my mask!

To comply with the building tenants request I put on my mask and present my face for a second attempt. 

You can also see I have received a message that we failed to match the face recognition of this contact. The AC-BP Screening Panel can be configured to use Temperature, Mask and/or Facial recognition. Talkaphone does offer a Network Recorder (AC-NR-1) or you can insert an SD card into the unit to store and match facial data if required. 

If you are interested in seeing this unit live in your office or if you have a client that would like to see this unit in action please contact me to schedule a demo. Talkahone has these units in stock in Niles, Illinois and can fill orders TODAY!

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