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Princeton Identity, is a global leader in biometric identity management, providing solutions for access control, physical security, and data security across commercial enterprises. With proven installations around the world, Princeton Identity offers system solutions for a diverse range of mainstream applications, including mobile access control, corporate, industrial and secure workplaces, as well as airports, critical infrastructure, public arenas, and border control.

Physical security has grown highly dependent on access control technology to prevent unauthorized access of buildings, areas and doors to visitors, personnel and intruders. Devine180 has been working with organization to identify vulnerabilities in their current access control solutions and has found many commonalities among clients:

  • Sharing of credentials
  • Concern of reproduction or duplicating “cloning” of unencrypted credentials
  • Hackers “skimming” unsecure Wiegand protocol’s typically used to connect the readers and panels

With Princeton Identity biometric solutions, there’s nothing to carry, nothing to lose, can’t be shared, nothing to touch, and nothing to fear. The biometric readers support OSDP communication and high-end AES-128 encryption to eliminate vulnerabilities created by hackers and thieves.

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