Product Demos & Evaluation

Product Demonstration and Evaluation

Devine180 encourages integrators, distributors and end-users to thoroughly evaluate products prior to beginning the standardization processes. We can assist in obtaining products from our manufacturing partners for evaluation and certifications process. Many times it is necessary to evaluate products to verify the products work as described, can perform the applications as desired and are an adequate foundation for the solution(s) presented. 

The total evaluation could include a trial and/or response to a request for proposal (RFP) that seeks answer to specific technical challenges or objectives a customer or application is currently experiencing. 

Our organization constantly conducts these proof of concept demos and many times use multiple partners to engineer a system solution. If your team is in need of this service, please contact us to schedule or demo or request a product for you internal testing. 

About Devine180

Devine180 are industry professionals carrying a portfolio of complimentary manufacturers of technical products which requires a high level of product knowledge. Our group spend almost 100% of their time face-to-face with customers, engaged in either sales or operational activities. 

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