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BCD is more than just a standard hardware vendor – we are a solution builder with a partner-centric mindset, empowering us to deliver innovative, customized video storage solutions for businesses of any size – from local retail shops to smart cities and spaces. 

We aim to remove the complexities of video storage architecture by offering access to our team of experts, ready to assist on any project from cloud storage to virtualization to network architecture and everything in between. With industry-leading warranties and 24/7/365 lifetime support provided to each and every one of our customers, we stand by our solutions and aim to help our partners build a safer, smarter world.

BCD Purpose-Built Video Servers

Products and Services Provided: Whether you are designing video infrastructure solutions for a gas station with 4 cameras or a stadium with 4,000, BCD’s team is here to help you design a solution tailored to your environment. By validating every solution in-house with the preferred VMS, video analytics, or access control platform being used and providing guaranteed bandwidth and storage calculations, we provide secure, scalable, and reliable solutions with unique software integrations designed to improve the end-user’s experience. With industry-leading 5-year and Keep Your Hard Drive warranties, 24/7/365 pre- and post-sales support, and our Professional Services team for design and deployment assistance, BCD is your trusted advisor for video data infrastructure solutions of any size.



Professional Services:

  • Video recording servers, workstations, and storage solutions
  • AI-ready solutions
  • All-in-One Network Video Recorder
  • Network Switches from Alcatel-Lucent, Dell, and Linksys
  • Ruggedized video recording servers and switches
  • Virtualized architecture solutions
  • Harmonize iDRAC: BCD’s enhanced version of Dell’s iDRAC that integrates directly into the VMS for single-pane-of-glass management
  • Harmonize RMM: Remote monitoring and management plug-in that provides end-to-end predictive failure and proactive health monitoring from camera to server
  • Harmonize Bridge: Hybrid cloud plug-in, powered by Tiger Surveillance, enabling seamless cloud adoption and disaster recovery
  • Network Assessment
  • Network Design
  • Network Deployment
  • SAN and vSAN provisioning
  • Development and integrations

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