Talkaphone is an emergency communications expert. Our blue light phones, area of refuge, and related voice-based communication solutions equip people to immediately reach first responders from all the places where they commute or gather to work, play, and learn. Purpose-built for the rigors of real-world applications, Talkaphone’s versatile solutions draw on decades of product development, manufacturing expertise and steadfast industry partnerships. By working collaboratively with system integrators and their customers at every step—from definition to implementation—we deliver the satisfaction of results at scale with the care of a small business.


Teleportivity is built on the cloud and designed for the future. Teleportivity redefines what your intercom is capable of with new levels of accessibility, functionality, and ease. Our FONECOM displays make an unforgettable first impression and turn every commercial site into a fully connected smart building without hardwiring, cabling, or expensive installations. It’s a quick step forward and a huge leap in productivity, efficiency and engagement. 

Fiber Sensys

Fiber SenSys, Inc. is the market-leading manufacturer of fiber-optic intrusion detection systems for outdoor perimeters and physical data networks. The company has a strong reputation for designing and manufacturing high-security, high-performance and high-reliability fiber-optic sensors. FSI’s global operations provide solutions for two significant markets, Outdoor Perimeter Security & Data Network Physical Protection.