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i-PRO Americas, Inc. was established in 2019 as an independent organization built on a history of innovation that spans over 60 years with Panasonic. i-PRO develops solutions in the fields of Intelligent Surveillance, Public Safety, and Industrial/Medical Imaging, delivering a broad range of high-quality products and systems that extend human senses to capture moments of truth.

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Our technology brings scalability and deters threats from bad actors, while our solutions mitigate risks with intelligent surveillance systems using the latest in artificial intelligence. We continue to expand our portfolio with advanced software solutions that complement our renowned line of best-in-class imaging technologies with innovations that inform, protect, and help create a safer world. 

With the combination of i-PRO camera and deep learning technology, you can quickly search for images from attribute information of people and vehicles. It supports the number of attributes of people and vehicles in the top class of the surveillance industry. Edge analytics eliminates the need for expensive analysis servers and provides low cost.


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