FLIR offers the most complete solution for protecting critical infrastructure from intrusion, including power plants, oil refineries, and bridges. The combination of FLIR world-class thermal and high-definition visible cameras, analytics, and recorders create an interlocking web of tools for detecting intruders, verifying alarms, and gathering forensic evidence.

FLIR Thermal Security and Radar

Thermal cameras are not only used to safeguard property and people but also to protect mission-critical equipment. At manufacturing plants, maintenance teams want to aggregate data to continually evaluate an asset’s health and know if it is about to fail. Production managers are keen to catch process anomalies that result in faulty products or packaging before these products leave the production line. Safety managers need to detect excessive heat buildup on fuel, hazardous material, and electrical components before combustion occurs and a fire breaks out. By deploying thermal cameras for condition monitoring, process control, and fire prevention applications, plant managers ensure maximum uptime and avoid catastrophic events.


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