Devine180 is the security industries premier manufacturers rep firm servicing Chicago Illinois, Milwaukee, Madison, North Western Indiana and the greater Midwest.

Our organization is a full service sales and marketing agency who adds value to the sales process while amplifying the global marketing efforts of our partners.

As the Midwest premier security reps we have partnered with i-PRO (formerly Panasonic) to ensure we provides an end-to-end security solution with products that are packed with the latest, most innovative technologies and proactive AI analytics to protect our clients and their businesses. Our partnership with FLIR brings us the market leader in thermal imaging and radar for perimeter security. VideoInsight enterprise Video Management Software (VMS) is designed around efficiency & speed BCDVideo is focused on pushing the boundaries of video technology, developing the latest in IP video storage, management and display solutions. Talkaphone is a designer and manufacturer of security and life safety communication solutions. PremiSys brings a wide selection of solutions for Access Control, Visitor Management and much more. Princeton Identity biometric solutions, there’s nothing to carry, nothing to lose, can’t be shared, nothing to touch, and nothing to fear. Edge Networks is an innovator of simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation professionals. When cabling is not an option for your networking communications, Siklu brings scalability and reliability to the world of wireless networks that deliver great value through fast-and-easy-to-deploy solutions. Technicians are always in need of high-quality test and measurement solutions. Tempo Communications offers a complete line of innovative and industry-leading test & measurement solutions for the security and communications industry. When reputable power solutions are required Solis Energy manufactures outdoor power solutions which are not limited to generators, outdoor battery backup systems and solar solutions.

Sales Consulting

Robust knowledge of products and system integration allows us to design and implement technology to provide solutions that best fit the application

Lead Tracking

Generate and track lead data captured to actively monitor where leads are in the sales funnel for the purpose of developing sales forecasting and pipeline reporting


Our strategy deploys a comprehensive business intelligence platform creating visibility and real-time data allowing insight to opportunities and prospects   

Marketing Automation

Provide highly personalized, useful content to nurture prospects using our automated system to send email updates, social marketing, and other e-media


Increasing market share through innovation

In today’s market, we need to be “laser focused” in order to succeed. Devine180 covers roughly 125,000 square miles throughout Northern Illinois and Wisconsin. To maintain our objectives and concentrate our efforts of driving growth & profitability for our partners we have subdivided the 113 county region into 7 manageable districts. We work with local contractors, distributors and consultants to define a long term strategic goal which incorporates our manufacturing partners with goals, targets, key performance metrics which will out perform the service of our competition.










Our company is a result of professional work

Devine180 are industry professionals carrying a portfolio of complementary manufacturers of technical products which requires a high level of product knowledge. Our group spends almost 100% of our time face-to-face with customers, engaged in either sales or operational activities. Following up on sales opportunities, leads and POS data allows us to organize sales meeting, product demos and prime the business development pump uncovering additional sales opportunities.

Competent Professionals

Our staff is committed to continued education and greatly knowledgeable about the products we represent.

Passion For Technology

With technologies changing so fast we keep up on new products & technology and what these changes means for the business ecosystem.

Superior Service

We do more then just solve problems, we provides in-depth consulting before and after the sale. We are a resource for solving complex problems.

Precise Reports & Data

Providing real-time analytical data offers our partners reporting statistics needed to adapt to changing requirements.

Chicago Security Rep
Milwaukee Security Rep


Over 25 years of combined experience has given Devine180 a robust knowledge of various manufacturers’ products. We frequently work in conjunction with these sources to provide a “complete package” solutions that best fit the needs of each application. Our support services are available to various entities including but not limited to End Users, Architects & Engineers, Consultants, Integrator's, Dealers, Distributors, Government Agencies and Contractors.






Reason why us

We provide our customers with unbeatable service, while providing top quality products. Our customers have come to trust Devine180 and the work we do. We work alongside our customers, big and small, to make sure their unique needs are met. Our experience helps us contribute to each customer’s success. By working right alongside our customers, Devine180 provides that extra personal experience and expertise that sets us apart from our competitors. We have worked hard to align our company with industry leading manufacturers who create products for a wide variety of industries. This relationship is important because it builds on the foundation of trust that our customers have with us. We also recognize that factory support from manufacturers is just as important as the products they create.


We are happy to keep you updated

Stay up to date with the most recent insights, trends, articles and news from Devine180 and industry news from around the world.

  • DynaLock NTB Series No-Touch Buttons
    DynaLock NTB Series No-Touch Buttons DynaLocks NTB Series No-Touch Buttons feature a touchless infrared sensing switch mounted on a stainless-steel faceplate, activated by waving one's hand and are designed for control of electromagnetic and electro mechanical locks, or auto door operators. The default sensor range of approximately 4" may be adjusted for greater or lesser…
    Written on Friday, 26 February 2021
  • How to Measure (PoE) Power Over Ethernet
    Are you looking for easy and inexpensive way to measure Power Over Ethernet? Chad Szekeres of Devine180 demonstrates the Hobbes Inline PoE tester that detects the PoE power from a Luxul PoE Network Switch (PSE) to FLIR and Inaxsys IP video surveillance cameras and other Powered Devices (PD). Learn to…
    Written on Thursday, 01 October 2020
  • Devine180 demos Talkaphones bAlert App
    Devine180 demonstrates the power of Talkaphones bAlert emergency communication and mass notification solution. bAlert is a perect solution for hospital safety and protecting staff and students on college campuses. The personal safety app connects to Blue Light Towers and Talkaphones emergancy towers to communicate with first responders and onsite security…
    Written on Sunday, 30 August 2020


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Devine180 are among the best in the audio, video, and security industries. Our customers, vendors and manufacturers can count on our team to provide exceptional products and support.

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About Devine180

Devine180 are industry professionals carrying a portfolio of complimentary manufacturers of technical products which requires a high level of product knowledge. Our group spend almost 100% of their time face-to-face with customers, engaged in either sales or operational activities. 

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